“Birds or Blooms” or “Can You Hear Me Now?”


photo by Barb Briggs

As I drove down rural roads last June, my three-year-old grandson and I played a game to pass the time and practice identifying colors and shapes.  I would tell him what I saw, and he would look for it.

“I see a yellow sign shaped like a triangle.”

“I see a red barn.”

“I see blue flowers.” I pointed to the plants lining the shoulder of the highway.  “They’re called chickory.”

“Chickadee,” said my grandson, thinking he was repeating what I’d said.


photo by Terry Landers

“Chickory.” I corrected.







He was familiar with “chickadee,” so that was the word he heard.

New is hard.  It takes a while to twist our tongue around a new word or to open the door a crack to a new idea.

When the apostle Paul was on the road to Damascus, he saw a bright light and heard a voice saying, “I am Jesus of Nazareth, whom you are persecuting.”  I might have answered, “So, God, I keep persecuting the Christians, right?” but Paul answered, “What shall I do, Lord?”  Paul was willing to hear something new.

Perhaps none of us will see a blinding light, and few will be asked to take the gospel to far-away nations, but all of us may be asked to speak to someone we don’t know, think about a Bible verse in a different way, or consider a new ministry.

Be alert, be present. I’m about to do something brand-new. It’s bursting out!

Isaiah 43:19  The Message

So if you sense God is talking to you, take your fingers out of your ears, and be ready to hear something new.  Chickory!

background photo by Barb Briggs

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  1. Thanks Constance! Love Julie

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