Thankful 30: Day 12–She’s a Winner

I have joined Emily’s* 30 Day Challenge:

I’m challenging myself to post a picture every day during the month of November (30 Days To Be Thankful For) and to add a caption as to why I am thankful. — Emily

Day 12, November 12

I am grateful for Barb’s gift of photography.  Many of the photos in my posts are hers, including the beautiful sunflowers in the background.

Today I learned that she has won second place in a national photo contest:  Capture the Heart of America–Celebrations of Agriculture category (

Here is her winning photo.

In Exodus 31 the Lord is talking to Moses about Bezalel, a craftsman he’s chosen to make the Tent of Meeting and the objects in it.  God explains that the artistry is a gift from the Lord.

I have filled him with the Spirit of God, with wisdom, with understanding, with knowledge and with all kinds of skills—to make artistic designs . . .  Exodus 31:3,4

Barb’s gift, her skill in photography is from God, too.

Here are a few more of her photos.  Enjoy.


photo by Barb Briggs


photo by Barb Briggs

barbs bee and round sunflower

photo by Barb Briggs

IMG_7931 (2)

photo by Barb Briggs


photo by Barb Briggs


Art is born when the temporary touches the eternal.G.K. Chesterton

See Thankful 30 page for every day’s entry.

* name changed

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  1. Thanks, Connie, for your support and encouragement and for using many of the photos that I offer you. It’s fun to see them on your blog and very exciting for me. Looking for the makings of a good picture has made me much more attentive to God’s world and the simple beauty that is mine to enjoy if I but have eyes to see it.

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