Bleeding Hearts

bleeding heart by heather johnson

. . . An open casket was centered against the wall.  We had come to see him one last time, to “pay our respects,” to say good-bye. 

As the time for the small, family-only burial service neared, everyone left the viewing room and gathered in the main entry area, discussing directions to the cemetery.  I stepped back in and looked at my nephew’s still face a final time. 

Oh, Nathan, Nathan, what have you done? . . .  read more

*          *        *          *        *          *

Today is sharing my post about our extended family’s experience with suicide.

We hope and pray that God redeems our pain, and that those who need help and comfort will find it.

*          *        *          *        *          *

bleeding heart photo credit: Heather Johnson of

Heather has also written many tender and insightful posts on mental illness like this one.

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