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“A Life on the Wild Edge of America”


photo by Leslie Leyland Fields

If you haven’t read Leslie Leyland Fields yet, then you’re missing out on some wonderful stories, beautifully told:

life in Alaska as a commercial salmon-fishing family,

the trip from one island to another surrounded by a pod of fin whales,

the Baptist church pew on the boat dock,

and the problems at the intersection of Kodiak bears and garbage containers.

Leslie allows us a glimpse into a life and a landscape that few of us will every experience.  Whether we are surrounded by suburbia, corn fields, or Alaskan mountains, we share the same faith in God–in his love and his workings in our wild hearts.

Her memoir Surviving the Island of Grace: A Life on the Wild Edge of America is available as an e-book today and tomorrow (Oct. 8 & 9) for  99 cents.

I’m on chapter two.  I recommend it.

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